Voicebanks - CV

All voicebanks are roumaji encoded with hiragana aliases.


Base voicebank + append voicebank. Both the main and piano voicebanks in one download.

Google Drive DL


CV Monopitch. Base voicebank only. Neither soft nor strong.

Range: A3-A5

Google Drive DL


CV Monopitch. Append voicebank. Soft voice.

Range: G3-G5

Google Drive DL


Concept Art

2020 -Updated-

New concept art for Seiko. This is the most recent design for them. Download is a zip file with 3 images: a 3000 x 4000 fullbody image, and two bust images at 2005 x 2005 and 1588 x 1588.

Google Drive DL


Although this is the old design for Seiko, you can still download and use it if you like. Download is a zip file with 2 images: a 2000 x 2500 fullbody image and a 1343 x 1343 bust image.

Google Drive DL